Top 10 Cyber Security Articles

During 2019, we launched our Cyber Security blog. We aim to cover the hottest trends in the industry which include new technologies, security updates, best practices and strategies.

Today, we’re celebrating our first 10 blog posts, written by our competent cybersecurity experts.

Here’s the recap:

2020 LDAP channel binding & signing requirement

In the second half of 2020, Microsoft intends to release a security update on Windows Update that will enable LDAP channel binding and LDAP signing improvement changes. Learn more on how to improve the security of your network communications.

How to run a successful POC

Running a Proof of Concept (POC) should always be considered an integral aspect of the product purchasing process. Read more about the useful metrics that should be considered in order to run a successful POC.

10 Dos for your email infrastructure

The email channel remains one of the most targeted vectors since it is the real-live open connector of your corporate network to the outside world (WAN). Discover 10 essential tips to secure your email infrastructure.

Increased Adoption of Cloud Services & the Growth of CASB

There has been an unprecedented increase in the adoption of cloud services lately, leading to a sharp growth in Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) services. Check out the important roles CASB can play within your organization.

Phishing – The story about the Phish, the Whale and the Spear

Phishing, spear phishing, and whaling attacks share many similarities – all involve using impersonation to elicit information or money from a given target. However, there are a few differences, find them here.

CyberSecurity Orchestration – Waiting for SOAR to soar

SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) adds another layer to existing security technologies. Lear more about the future of information security.

Privacy Protection Regulations

As of May 2018, Privacy Regulations came into effect in Israel. Any organization that fails to comply with the regulations faces both financial penalties & possible criminal liability. Learn more about how to comply with recent regulatory changes.

10 Musts in Managed Cyber Security Center

As cybersecurity threats evolve and become more complex, many businesses recognize they can’t manage the challenge alone.

Make sure you read TrustNet’s 10 Musts in Managed Cyber Security Center and download our 10-Musts in SOC eBook, before choosing your next Cyber SOC Service.

Data Leak – Transparency or Opacity

There are two main DLP approaches employed by organizations: Full Transparency vs. No Transparency. Discover the king’s road for successful implementation of DLP solution.

Non-Malware or Fileless Attack, In A Nutshell

Non-Malware or Fileless Attack can destabilize your organization’s network using existing applications, protocols or software to gain access into your network. Find out what is fileless attack and how do you protect against it.

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