A dozen of high profile Twitter accounts were hacked

A dozen of high profile Twitter accounts were hacked since early morning in a clever bitcoin scam

Since early morning hours, reports of a large-scale Bitcoin scam have been circling the net. The scam, targeting followers of high-profile Twitter accounts, promised to double any payments sent to a specific bitcoin address. More information here.

  • The hacked accounts included those of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos, Apple, Barak Obama, and others.

  • The accounts, which were verified as original Twitter accounts, were accessed directly via Twitter.com. See more hacked Twits here.
  • The attackers reportedly targeted twitter employees to gain access to Twitter’s internal systems.
  • Soon after the attacks were confirmed, Twitter blocked all verified accounts for approximately 1 hour.
  • Earlier on Wednesday, several cryptocurrency accounts were linked to a Phishing site and were declared as compromised by the co-founder of the cryptocurrency market Gemini.
  • Cyber security experts consider this scam to be the biggest hack in Twitter history and demand that Twitter takes significant steps in managing the ramifications of the hack, including issuing a public apology, conducting a thorough investigation, and sharing information on the hackers.
  • According to Twitter, the investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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